Home Mortgage Lending Corp offers a wide variety of refinancing options including FHA & FHA Streamline which allow for no appraisal & no income for most streamline refis. HARP & Conventional refinancing allows for unlimited ltv thru HARP and up to 95% thru conventional. For our Veterans, we offer VA IRRRL with unlimited loan to value & no appraisal allowed in most cases. And for rural areas, we offer USDA IRRRL which provide unlimited loan to value refinance program for homes in eligible rural areas.

FHA STREAMLINE & FHA – Credit scores as low as 500 Fico, No income & no appraisal & in most instances, Low interest rates, FHAStreamline in unlimited LTV, standard FHA allows financing up to 96.5%.

HARP &CONVENTIONAL – HARP Refinance program is available for homeowners who currently have a FNMA or FHLMC loan and was originated before May 31, 2009. This program allows Unlimited Loan to Value/ CLTV, no minimum credit score, no appraisal generally accepted. Conventional Fannie Mae allows up to 95% loan to value refinancing for qualified homeowners.

VA IRRRL – VA loans are available to most current or prior Veterans. VA IRRRL loans allow unlimited Loan to Value refinancing& no appraisal in most instances. Up to 100% cash out refinancing available. VA loans do not require you to buy Private Mortgage Insurance.In many instances the VA IRRRL does not require an appraisal or FICO scores. An IRRRL may be completed with “no money out of pocket”& typically provideslower interest rates than Conventional loans.

USDA IRRRL – USDA IRRRL loans offer unlimited loan to value on Streamline refinancing (currently have a USDA loan) and 102% loan to value borrowers refinancing into a USDA loan.In order to be eligible for many USDA loans, household income must meet certain guidelines and the home must be located in an eligible rural area as defined by the USDA. USDA IRRRL loans do not require a property inspection, have no credit score requirements and with standard USDA allows for credit scores as low as 620. USDA rates are typically lower than Conventional and up to 40 years terms on fixed rates are available.